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Top Ten Hottest Careers

Picking a career that is perfectly suited for yourself and also offers lucrative returns in the short-term and the long-term is not an easy task by any means, but with the right guidance and the right research you can make a decision that will be extremely fruitful for you. Today the list of great careers to pick from is endless, as one can make a long and meaningful career out of anything. Outlandish jobs have surfaced over the last few decades, and the payoffs in them are pretty impressive.

Whether you pick an unconventional path or take up a cliched career, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy what you do, and to do what you enjoy. Doing so will ensure that you are happy with what you are doing and this will further enable you to work harder. Consider enrolling for some career counseling as well, as such a service will provide you with insights and opinions that you may have overlooked. With that in mind, here are some of the hottest and best paying careers for the future that you can pursue today.

Top Ten Hottest Careers in 2011

Athletes and Sports Related Careers
If you have the talent to be a sportsman, you must definitely go for it. The viewership of sports around the world is at an all time high today, and there are millions of dollars that can be made in a few years of excelling at a sport you love. Moreover, you will love what you do and you will also be adulated by one and all. If you are not cut out to actually play the game you love, you can consider a career in the same line. There are tons of jobs for fitness trainers, sports nutritionists, sports doctors, player agents and commentators as well.

Advertising Jobs
With the massive rise in mediums of mass communication, advertising is an area that has grown and will continue to grow at an immense pace. There will always be products to sell and there will always be potential buyers, and if you can form a successful link between the two, you will reap the rewards for many years to come. There are many different types of jobs in the advertising world, and you can pick one that suits your personality and your preferences.

Networking and Data Communications Analysts
Every single business organization around the world now relies on computers and networking for internal and external communication purposes. There is a team of people who administer and monitor these systems and you could be a part of this team. The demand for such technical people who are adept at maintaining large systems is very high, but it will require in depth knowledge of this field from your side.

App Developers
With a massive surge in smartphones and tablets all around the world, the need for innovative apps and games for these devices is paramount now. More and more companies require people who can create and develop ingenuine apps apps for these devices, and this is an area that you can carve out a successful career in. The returns are a little risky, but if you create an app that is loved by people, you can get returns as high as 1,000%. A very lucrative prospect indeed.

Organic Food Industry
Environmentalism is going to be the new catchword for the next few years, and organic foods are going to turn up in a big way. If you can be a part of this revolution you can reap tremendous rewards soon, and you can also have a clear conscience because you are actually contributing towards maintaining the health of our planet. As the awareness among people rises, the demand for such food products will also rise proportionally. Here are some more top ten careers for the future that you can consider as well.

Medical Industry
Doctors and physicians will always be in high demand all around the world, so you can definitely consider carving out a career in this field. Increased use of high end technology in this line is raising the prices that doctors can charge and you can make the most of this progress. Apart from being a qualified doctor, there are several jobs in the medical line that you can consider as well. The fact is that people will always fall sick and suffer from ailments, and they will always visit a doctor and pay high fees to get cured.

Lawyers and Advocates
Just like the medical line, the field of lawyers will also never get old. Court cases and settlements will always be around, and an elite group of people who can manage such incidents will always earn lucrative returns. Unfortunately, crime will always be an inherent part of society, and hence the need for lawyers will never diminish. Even today, lawyers can earn massive fees and this is something that is only expected to rise further in the future.

Tourism Jobs
As more and more countries get interconnected due to globalization, the tourism industry grows massively with each passing year. This is perhaps one of the most under-rated industries all around the world, and the fact is that entire nations sustain themselves based solely on tourism. Carving out a career in this industry is not easy though, but with some innovation and entrepreneurial sense you can make a fortune.

Internet Entrepreneurs
This is an industry that probably has the lowest success rate, but the companies that do make it big here grow beyond ones wildest dreams. Just look at websites like Facebook and Twitter for example. You will not be working in a regular 9 to 5 job here, but you can truly set the world alight if you have a great idea. There is tons of money to be made out of Internet advertising, and with a rise in the number of people with Internet access all around the world, you can rest assured of making enough to make ends meet at the very least.

Aviation Industry
Flying is a dream for many, and what better way could there to realize this dream than to become a certified pilot. Commercial pilots are paid very handsomely if they are working for the big airlines, and there are many other jobs in this industry that offer great salary packages and the opportunity to travel around the world as well. The recruitment process is very intense and gruelling though, but if you make the cut your future is secured.

So these were the top ten hottest careers in the world today. Each of these fields have several different domains within them, so people with different personalities and qualifications can enter them. Pick a career domain that you feel suits you best, and reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

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