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Can You Deal with the Office Bully?

Can You Deal with the Office Bully?

U.S president Barack Obama recently revealed that he was teased all the time as a school kid for having big ears and a weird name. While those bullies may have grown up now and won’t even think about ribbing him again if they ever get a chance, some bullies never grow up. Here’s how to tell if you can give it back to your office terroriser:

1. If the office bully takes credit for your work, you:

a. Let it go but seethe within; what goes around comes around.

b. Keep mum but tell yourself that next time (s)he’s going to pay.

c. Discreetly take credit for his/hers.

2. Co-workers can be good friends.

a. Of course. They can’t?

b. Not all the time. It’s better to maintain a line between the personal and professional.

c. They’re good to your face, but backstabbers otherwise.

3. The office bully dumps his/her work on you. You:

a. Stay overtime and complete it.

b. Do it during your commute or at home, but you’re not going to be caught dead doing it at workplace.

c. Say “No!” and fake a nervous breakdown.

4. Have you ever shed tears at the workplace?

a. Yes, in the loo when no one was watching.

b. Never.

c. A few crocodile tears, to get my way.

5. When you learn that the office bully’s spreading a malicious (untrue) rumour about you, you:

a. Swear it’s untrue to your close colleagues; you can count on them to spread the word.

b. Turn into a brick wall and pretend it doesn’t affect you.

c. Start an equally malicious one about him/her.

Mostly As: You’re scared of being bullied. Unfortunately, you were probably bullied as a child. It’s high time you outgrew your fear. That alone will get your bully to find a new target.

Mostly Bs: You’re scared of being bullied but too scared to admit it to yourself. Putting on a brave front while trembling within isn’t the best POA to deal with a bully. Either ignore them without getting all bitter within, or give them a taste of their own bitter medicine.

Mostly Cs: No bully can touch you. Wait... you haven’t been bullying people around yourself, have you?

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