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Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1

Ivory Splendor
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1There's nothing more glamorous than an all-white cake. This four-tier cake is covered with fondant pleats of ivory chocolate adorned with chocolate lilies and ribbon. Presented on a simple black-stained wood pedestal alongside black-and-white toile-pattern dessert plates, the look is tailored and elegant.

Show Your Colors
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1This three-tier wedding cake rendered in shades of olive green and cream is wrapped with a band of slightly taller chocolate, creating a lip in which to nestle and drape roses cut and shaped from striped chocolate. Don't miss the details -- the top of each cake layer is dressed in a different solid color drawn from the palette. A milk-glass cake stand and damask-stripe tablecloth support the cake's starring role. A chocolate rose accents the candle base

Tropical Elegance

Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1Light green orchids add tropical elegance to this simple three-tier cake. Dainty white hydrangea blossoms echo the icing embellishments that decorate each tier.

Gift Box
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1The famous Tiffany gift box with its robin's-egg blue wrap inspired this box cake. Each layer is precisely wrapped in Tiffany-blue tinted chocolate. The sculptural quality of white chocolate is shown off with wide wavy ribbons, reminiscent of chocolate batter lapping into a pan. A scattering of chocolate flowers in pale hues gives the cake a natural, fresh look. The platter, a white beaded mirror frame, offers beautiful support.

Cocoa Pink
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1The rich tones of chocolate are perfect for a crisp fall wedding. Decorating a brown cake with pink detailing gives it a fresh look for a wedding and echoes the colors used in the base of roses.

A Traditional White Cake

Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1This cake is elegant in its simplicity. The four-tier cake is topped with buttercream frosting. To add a modern touch, designs are piped on using buttercream frosting. Incorporate your color scheme by adding real flowers to your cake.

Golden Splendor
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1This chocolate-wrapped cake gets its smooth look from a thin layer of buttercream spread over the top and sides of each tier. The buttercream smoothes any bumps in the cake and gives the chocolate wrap something to stick to. The smooth-wrapped cake's luminescence gets a boost from roses and swags shaped from varying shades of butter yellow.

A Sea-Themed Cake

Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1To incorporate a beach theme into your wedding cake, ask your cake designer to create shells out of white chocolate.

Pretty in Pink
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1Chocolate nosegays on each round tier look nearly real. The sides of each layer were dusted with shimmering luster dust for a luxurious look.

A Flower-Adorned Cake
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1For a dramatic touch of color, place an abundant spiral of roses down the side of your cake

Rounded Layers
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1The smooth look of fondant icing paired with the rounded layers gives this cake a very modern look. To add a touch of color, each later was wrapped with green ribbon and topped with a pearl border. The modern initial topper is the perfect touch for this chic cake.

A Monochromatic Cake
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1To stick with your color scheme consider a cake decked out in a monochromatic shade. Ask your cake designer to choose shades in desired colors as seen on this beautiful blue cake. For a floral touch, add candy flowers that are safe to eat.

A Modern Cake
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1For a sleek and sophisticated cake, cover square tiers in fondant. Then incorporate your color scheme with a simple ribbon wrapped around the bottom of each layer. To complete the look, choose a modern initial topper like this one.

Add a Pearl Touch
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1This three-tier buttercream cake was adorned with a pearl-like trim that matched the bride's jewelry. Each layer was a different flavor and the most popular was the middle layer -- a lemon cake with lemon filling. The fresh, fruity flavor is a perfect complement to a spring wedding.

Dreaming in ChocolateCreative Wedding Cakes - Part 1The signature blue hue made popular by Tiffany gives this cake an elegant air. The cake is covered entirely in hand-rolled, hand-cut Belgian chocolate, which also forms the flowers.

Bow Topped
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 1This three-tier cake was created from square layers and decorated with scalloped ribbons cut from rolled fondant.

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