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Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2

Daisy Chain
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Covered with a scrumptious Swiss meringue buttercream icing, this wedding cake is adorned with garlands of dainty white candied daisies.

A Delightful Cake
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Stick to just two tiers for a smaller wedding. This cake was a mix of lemon and chocolate covered with a layer of fondant. To add a little detail to the cake, they tied gold ribbon around the bases and topped it with flowers.

A Wedding in Blue

Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Sheer blue ribbon and a minimal lily cake topper are the only embellishments to the three-tier white cake. Behind the main cake, several small round cakes in a variety of flavors are displayed on a make-it-yourself multilevel cake stand.

Scrolled in Chocolate
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Elegant scroll designs and glossy fondant ribbons make this cake design perfect for an evening wedding. Clusters of chocolate-color cosmos, creamy white calla lilies, and fondant ribbons provide additional detail and a beautiful focal point.

Horizon Inspired
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2The color combination of yellow-orange calla lilies and blue hydrangea blossoms that adorn this cake can easily be incorporated into bouquets, boutonnieres, and other wedding floral arrangements.

Rose and Orchid Covered
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2A divine dessert and floral elegance combine to create a cake that is nearly too beautiful to eat. Red and green roses and two types of red orchids decorate the tiers.

Cake for Two
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2White dahlias, pink roses, and a cluster of hydrangea blossoms decorate this petite cake that the bride and groom will freeze to enjoy on their first anniversary. Be sure to remove the flower blossoms before freezing the cake.

A Wedding in White
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2A tall wedding cake deserves special attention to detail. The top tier features an elegant monogram while roses grace the spaces between the tiers.

Miniature Cakes
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2This might be a perfect cake for a small wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower. Miniature bundt cakes encased in a vanilla glaze are set on the bottom levels. The top tier is a larger cake and wedding topper of doves. Set extra cakes on silver trays to accommodate a larger guest list.

Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2A wedding cake is a work of art with frosting in white-on-white. This cake table display was designed with everything from the backdrop of vintage doors to the family silhouettes set around the base of the cake.

Vintage Cake Topper
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Flowing ribbons spill from multiloop bows set into the top layer. Small green buds add a bit of color to the black-and-white theme and help set off the vintage silver cake topper.

Wedding Windows
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2The tiers of this white-on-white concoction are adorned with a frosting monogram, gothic-inspired windows, artfully arranged greenery, black-and-white ribbon, silver nonpareils, and crystal beads.

Eiffel Tower Wedding Cake
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2For a Paris-themed wedding, wow your guests with this grand tower cake that serves 200.

Sweet Simplicity
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Designed to perfectly fit the elaborate silver cake stand, these chunky square layers are embellished with cursive frosting script, then topped with a traditional cake topper and a few fresh flowers.

Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Twin cakes sport jaunty frosting dots and are adorned with floral initials -- flower petals wired or glued to a wire form. This is an easy-to-make look that can be done at home for a smaller wedding, bridal shower, or reception.

Posh Penmanship
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2The tallest tier of this eye-catching white-on-off-white cake is adorned with a frosting monogram that declares the couple's union. This is the first time in the celebration that the two first-name initials are joined with the newly married couple's last-name initial. Fondant flowers, delicate scrolls, and fleur-de-lis designs set off the other layers in classic style.

Wings of Love
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Topped by a modern mix of cake-safe fresh flowers and a jeweled pin, this multilevel cake features a motif of both real and frosting flowers.

A Classic Wedding Cake
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Casual rose nosegays surround this pink cake with country charm.

Simply Artful
Creative Wedding Cakes - Part 2Cake decorating can be as simple as artfully placing a handful of your favorite flowers around the tiers of your confectionary delight. Here, a few sprigs of lavender freesia decorate the three-tier cake.

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