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Eco Friendly Clothing

Eco Friendly ClothingWith rising concerns for environmental degradation and the 'gradual imbalance' of the ecosystem, eco friendly clothing has become a welcome alternative for most people.Different kinds of eco friendly apparels are designed and crafted from 'green' and sustainable resources. Products that are organic, recycled or produced in harmony with nature, form the base of eco friendly clothing. Apart from being gentle on the Earth, eco friendly clothing is fashionable enough for 'showing off' and plus it is unique among other clothing. This type of clothing is manufactured from natural fibers. It is also manufactured from man-made fibers, but those which have minimal negative impact on the environment. Common sources of eco friendly fibers are organic bamboo, hemp, soy silk and leather-alternatives. These sources are eco-conscious and stylish at the same time.

Types of Eco Friendly Clothing

Organic Cotton
For eco friendly shirts and t-shirts, organic cotton is commonly used. This cotton does not require the use of any kind of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides during its growth cycle. Here, the bleaching, dyeing and other manufactured processes are carried out without the help of any chemicals. As organic cotton uses zero amount of chemicals, it is said to be stronger than regular cottons. This cotton also costs more than conventional cotton and that's why eco friendly shirts and t-shirts are high in their prices. Other than organic cotton, organic hemps, linens, bamboo and tencel fibers are also used in the production of eco friendly shirts and t-shirts.

Bamboo Fabric
Bamboo fabric is a natural textile manufactured from bamboo pulp. This fabric is more sustainable than most textile fibers and it does not require chlorine for bleaching. The fabric is not treated with any kind of harsh chemicals and so it can be dyed easily. Bamboo fabric causes no harm to the skin and can be worn directly. This organic fiber is soft and smooth with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin. Clothing made out of bamboo fabric are an excellent choice for summers. This is because, bamboo fabric has got effective wicking ability. This means, it allows the skin to breath by pulling away moisture, leaving the skin dry. Eco friendly clothing manufactured from bamboo fabric has other qualities of being antibacterial also. It prevents unpleasant odors and produces a sweet smell in the wearer's clothes. To add to this, this fabric also has insulating properties. This means that it keeps the wearer cool in summers and warm in winters. Due to these amazing qualities of bamboo fabric, bamboo clothing is an excellent choice of designers and consumers too.

Recycled Fleece
Fleece fabric is manufactured by recycling plastic bottles. This creates less air, water and soil contamination. Eco friendly clothes made from fleece fabric are both lightweight and warm. Unlike conventional wools, even if completely wet, these clothes can maintain their loft and insulating properties. This fabric does not hold water and allows easy evaporation of moisture from its fibers. As it is a vegan alternative to wool, it is preferred mostly by vegetarians and also by those who are allergic to wool. Fleece fabric is used for short cropped jackets, pull-on pants, ski wear, vests, jackets and is the most ideal fabric for sweatshirts.

Eco Friendly Baby Clothing
For babies, organic cotton is preferable than the regular ones. Organic baby clothes made from this type of cotton are less likely to cause rashes on the sensitive skin of babies. Moreover, eco friendly baby clothing manufactured with organic cotton is more breathable than conventional cottons. Bamboo fabric is used for manufacturing natural fire-resistant baby sleepwear and this fabric is also hypoallergenic. Organic clothing made out of soy fiber helps in keeping the baby warm and at the same time prevents moisture to build up inside the clothing.

When it comes to eco friendly clothing lines, the top five includes American Apparel, Levi Strauss, Jonano, Rawganique and REI. These lines are basically manufactured from organic cotton, bamboo and hemp fabrics and also from recycled materials. Their manufacturing process causes less harm to the environment, as they follow eco-sensitive procedures.

Using eco friendly products is an effective measure to deal with environmental issues. This way we can extend the life of the Earth, which is gradually on its way to meeting its end due to environmental pollution. After foods, clothes are the ones that are sold in huge quantities than any other products and eco friendly clothing has minimum negative impact on the environment. So, turning to such types of clothing is perhaps the best way through which, we can show our concern and contribute towards a healthy environment and greener Earth!

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