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Eco Friendly Gifts for Women

If you have a 'green freak' for a girlfriend, then your choices aren't many, when it comes to buying her eco friendly gifts. Hence, we have a list of eco friendly gifts for women, so that you can take your pick!

Buying gifts for women is always a Herculean task for men. Not only are they very difficult to predict and hard to please, but their fussy nature makes it even more difficult for men to get a right gift for the woman in their lives. Sometimes, she may not seem happy even when you have spent your entire month's paycheck for her gift, whereas sometimes, her eyes may glitter at some cute, pretty but completely useless thing you bought from a roadside vendor while on your way home!

Things become even more difficult when you have a woman with eccentric obsessions. Take for instance a woman who is so enthusiastic about environmental causes, that she refuses to eat anything that's not organic! In such case, buying a gift for her can be a real pain in 'you know where.' To relieve you of such tricky situation, we have compiled a list of some eco friendly gifts for women.

Ideas for Eco Friendly Gifts for Women

Organic Flowers
Flowers are the most romantic choice when it comes to gifts for women. However, you cannot give any bunch of flowers to your ladylove, given her eco friendly preference. Hence, hunt for local florists in your area who specialize in organic flowers. Alternatively, you may also pluck some fresh flowers from your garden and make them into a handmade bouquet. Gifting a potted plant is also a great idea. Your woman is bound to love this adorable gift.

Recycled Handbags
Accessories made from recycled materials are a big hit among women these days. You can take your pick from the myriad handbags available in various shapes and sizes. The fabric for handbags comes from an array of materials like candy wrappers, bamboo, waste cartons, etc. There are some sites that particularly deal in recycled handbags. Thus, you can easily order one from any of these websites. This can also be a great option if you are looking for eco friendly gifts for mom. More on great gift ideas for mom.

Handcrafted Artifacts
You will be spoiled for choice when you think about gifting handcrafted artifacts. Not only they are eco friendly, but the range in which they are available is simply mesmerizing. From nut shell bracelets to bamboo chopping boards, there are hundreds of items to choose from. However, you might have to hunt for shops that stock handcrafted artifacts.

Solar Powered Goods
Although, these are more of a 'guy thing', your girlfriend will find it simply impossible to resist a cute solar powered torch or a lamp shade. If you wish to gift a conventional item like cell phone or i-pod you should also include a solar powered charger with it. It is very convenient to use while traveling and leaves no carbon footprint.

Cute Eco friendly Bric-a-Bracs
These include candles that are 100% made from soy and bees wax. Additionally, the fragrance added is completely of biological origin. A global warming mug is also quite popular as a gift item for environment conscious people, as it depicts the fate of the world if we continue to ignore this issue. When you put hot beverage in it, the levels of the oceans rise and the polar ice begins to melt. Alternatively, you may also gift her clothes and shoes that are made from organic fibers. These days many designer brands are coming up with their eco friendly collections and they really make for awesome eco friendly gifts for her. More on eco friendly clothing.

Finding eco friendly gifts for women may not be that difficult for you as you are less likely to go wrong here. Since, this cause is close to the heart of your ladylove, she is not likely to be displeased with your choic

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