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Fun Team Building Ideas

Individuality counts but teamwork divides work and multiples success. And if you are wondering whose lines are these, well I just coined it while writing this article on Buzzle. Teamwork is something we practice daily, but subconsciously. Like if you are married, and married for quite a number of years now, it is teamwork due to which you have a successful marriage today. If you are a fantastic teacher, it is teamwork that has got you that position. Had the students not been there to praise you, you would have never known you were good at teaching. Teamwork is all about maintaining your individuality and yet working together in a group, respecting everybody's point of view. Moreover, teamwork becomes a very important quality an employee should possess if you are at a workplace. It is the duty of teachers and parents to inculcate the teamwork quality amongst children from a very tender age. Children then learn to socialize and start to respect other individual's point of views. Now, to get them feeling "we are a team", below are a few fun team building ideas, that will help you with the same.

Fun Team Building Ideas for Children

Many children are arrogant and stubborn. They always want things to take place their way and fail to listen to their friends. The easiest way to foster team building amongst children is to have a few team building activities.

Spill the Beans: You can have all the children together, give them a piece of paper and a pen, and ask them to pen down questions regarding other teammates. Once they are done with it, collect the chits and start reading them aloud, asking questions to the person in concern. Make sure the children do not make anything sound offensive or bad. The question-answer round gives them a chance to know each other better, and hence fosters the feeling of being a team.

Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt is a part of every team building activity, since it ensures division of groups and working in a group to win the hunt. It is a fun game indeed, and you can hide small treasures in places around with a clue written on a piece of paper, and get the teammates searching for the same. While doing so, teammates interact with each other and celebrate the spirit of teamwork.

Divide and Assign: Team building not only improves the productivity of work assigned to a group, but also ensures self development, leadership skills, improves communication, and increases the ability to listen to others and work closely as a group to solve the problem. You can divide the kids in two groups and assign a task (it would be project work or some art work). In this way, team members identify their strengths and channelize them in the right direction as a group, for best results.

Fun Team Building Ideas for Adults

Sports Day: A sports day is the best way to interact with your colleagues and get to know each other. This comes from personal experience. My workplace organized a sports day, and there was active participation from all departments, which resulted in getting to know each other, and then working with each other or working on a project together becomes an easy job. This also creates a very healthy and fun environment at the workplace.

Outdoor Trip: Well, this one is a real fun team building idea. An outdoor trip allows you to lose your inhibitions and mix up with your colleagues like never before. In fact, this is the time when all adventurous co-workers come together, have fun and bond well. The bond that develops during such activities, boosts team bonding at the workplace as well.

Charity: Charity is one of the many other fun team building ideas. Here, you tend to indulge into some humble service, and at the same time, bond with your colleagues, hence fostering team building. This bonding is the main ingredient of team building, which shows back at the workplace as well. It is highly important to improve work and team productivity.

These are some great fun team building ideas to choose from. Other than these, organizing for a pot lunch, performance art program, or indulging the team into a problem that requires teamwork and systematic planning to arrive at a creative solution, can be considered too. Evaluate the kind of team building program you want for your group, or even your employees, to promote team productivity and the company's growth.

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