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iPod Competitors 2011

They were put to shame. Bruised. Battered. Beaten to death. All gadgets that attempted to outrank the iPod were ambushed and annihilated. Unless you hold a personal grudge against Mr. Steve Jobs, or have had some downers with Apple in the past, I don't see you switch to a media player not belonging to the Apple clan. Well, it's not my place to wonder what brings you here today - whether it is the curiosity to check out the fads on the media players' block, or whether it is a hope to see the iPod guys fizzle and hit the skids sometime in the future. Whatever it be, the truth is, even this year, the iPod touch had all its competitors fall by the wayside. Yet, its rivals eye upon the very shortcomings the iPod has, and as a result, put forth their gadgets which seem to take the world by storm; steadily, but they're getting there. On that note, how about hashing over those closest to the iPod touch, even though they're far from touching the king of multimedia players? Are they kewl enough to make you sell off your iPod touch and pounce over them? The answer lies somewhere within the words that follow below.

Best iPod Competitors, 2011

Microsoft Zune HD
For once, may be you could consider it as the 'iPod Killer', though the world hasn't witnessed anything of that sort yet. However, when enlisting the potential rivals of the iPod competitors this year, Zune sits right there on top. It does everything that the iPod does; you can buy, stream, and play music and videos in HD. However, there's one thing that makes Zune score some Brownie points - the availability of an FM receiver, which isn't available in the iPod (you may want to read the interesting Zune HD vs iPod Touch comparison). To better things, it comes with Nvidia's powerful Tegra processor, and Sony's X Series Walkman. As for the costs, its pretty much similar to the iPod with the 16 GB model of Zune available in $179, the 32 GB in $289, and the 64 GB model priced at $349.99. All in all, a cool alternative for iPod touch.

Sony Xperia X10
Yeah, you might say this is like comparing apples with oranges, for the iPod touch is a multimedia player, while Sony Xperia X10 is a phone. But let me tell you one thing, the Sony Xperia X10 is, by far, the strongest device to have been launched by the Sony Ericsson. The 8.1 megapixel camera stands high against the poor camera of the iPod touch, and well, it's a little less complicated. If you're up for decency, and want no hullabaloo, the Xperia X10 is the device you were looking for. Plus, you can make calls on it too!

Samsung Galaxy Player 50
If it ever comes to US, it will turn out to be the real iPod touch killer, just considering the term 'Galaxy' lettered over it. Well, everything that has had Galaxy on Samsung products became a big hit, and we definitely do not doubt the performance of the much-awaited Galaxy player 50 which comes with an Android OS 2.2 Froyo, dual cameras, and access to both Android Market as well as the Samsung apps. The price of Samsung Galaxy Player 50 for the 8 GB model is set somewhere around $230, while for the 16 GB model, the price is approximately $278.

… and Some More

The above three definitely own what it takes to stand neck-to-neck with the iPod touch. However, the mp3 players mentioned below need not be taken for granted. Considering the current outburst of challenge that iPod is facing, some credit definitely goes to the following who've shaken, if only a little, the market world of iPod that it boasts upon. Take a look at who all make it to the list:
  • Archos 605 WiFi
  • Samsung P3 Palm Theater Plus MP3 Player
  • Sony's Walkman Series
  • Creative Zen Vision:M
… and there do not really seem to be any other jukeboxes talented enough to stand a chance against the iPod touch. While reviewing these mp3 players, it just struck me, even though they have a price set lesser than the iPod touch, do they also have the right combo of style, performance, and user-friendliness that could distract you from the iPod? Well, having a hold on more than 70 percent of market share ain't no child's play, or is it? In the end, does experience win hands down, or does innovativeness triumph? Can low prices outperform years and years of music lovers' satisfaction? Can the alternatives to iPod really outshine the world of multimedia the Apple iPod freaks have been basking in all the while? We'll see as 2011 draws to close.

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