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Simple Spring & Easter Centerpieces

Whether you need to decorate for Easter or for spring entertaining, these mantel displays, floral arrangements, and centerpieces add just the right touch!

Egg Dish

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesMound hollowed out, painted or dyed eggs in a clear compote and add a little water. Then stick stems of delphinium and pom-pom mums in the crevices between the eggs. Simply beautiful.

Eggs and Carnations

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesTurn a handful of dyed eggs and a bouquet of carnations into a playful spring centerpiece. Fill a medium-size footed bowl with a few inches of water. Nestle dyed eggs in a smaller bowl (prop bowl on a dish if necessary). Cut carnation stems about 2 or 3 inches long and pack the blooms around the bowl of eggs.

Easter Egg Vase

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesStart with a large-mouth clear cookie jar or canister and place a clear drinking glass in the center. Gently stack dyed, hard-cooked eggs between the glass and jar, alternating egg colors. Fill the glass with water. Cut the stems of your favorite flowers (we used roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, hyacinth, and bells of Ireland) to the desired length, and arrange them in the glass.

Bunny Floral Arrangement

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesUniquely shaped containers add interest and drama to the simplest arrangement. This Easter bunny vase holds pretty spring flowers

Easter Bonnet

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesImprovise a pretty Easter basket using a sweet straw hat. Fill it with softly colored eggs, either real or artificial. Hollowed eggs like ours can also be stuffed with paper ribbons that include spring wishes, egg hunting clues, or even names for place cards.

Welcome Spring

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesWe made these affordable table linens using yellow gingham fabric. For the centerpiece, a white planter was tied with gingham and grosgrain ribbons around the top (use hot glue to secure if needed). Fill the planter with wheatgrass from a pet store and poke white silk daisies into the grass. A wooden egg painted pink and lettered with a paint pin nestles in a ribbon-wrapped ramekin full of wheatgrass to make a unique place card.

Floral Nests

Simple Spring & Easter Centerpieces
Turn an open round flower into a decorative nest. We've used peonies, but open roses would also be lovely. Cut the stems short and float on water in a footed dish or glass. Tuck a few little eggs in the middle and display as a centerpiece.

Tea Time

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesVintage teacups make pretty containers for tiny flower arrangements. Fill the cups with well-soaked floral foam or use a small metal florist's frog, if necessary, to hold the flowers in place. Look in your yard or at the flower shop for small blooms, such as grape hyacinth or lily-of-the-valley, that match the scale of the cups.

Hoppy Table Settings

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesLarge chocolate bunnies bring out the kid in everyone. Set each place at your Easter table with a sweet like this and a place card dressed up with delicate floral stickers.

Flight of Fancy

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesGlittering paper butterflies add a magical touch to an Easter basket. Color-copy or print butterfly images from copyright-free illustration books or CD-ROMs. Print two copies of each design and glue them back-to-back so they're two-sided. Gently bend up the butterfly wings, lightly spray with adhesive, and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry and glue several to an Easter basket.

Breakfast Centerpiece

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesDisplayed on a bed of garden lettuce in a footed china compote, hard-cooked brown and white eggs grace a spring table. Vary the look by using colored eggs on top of a bed of ferns or hosta leaves. Or use a nest of wood shred and top with a pile of foil-covered chocolate eggs.

Candle Holder Egg Tree

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesMost any type of candleholder can be transformed by using it to hold beautifully colored eggs. Consider setting eggs on a silver candelabra, brass candlesticks, or even inside little votive cups. Use tacky wax to secure eggs, if necessary.


Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesFew things are more inviting than a white-on-white color scheme for spring. Here, a couple dozen hard-boiled eggs and a bunch of white tulips from the supermarket set the scene on a table filled with pristine white china and sparkling clear glassware.

Tulip Delight

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesPut the eggs in a clear glass bowl, add a few inches of water, and arrange tulips so the stems are in the water.

Egg Flower Cups

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesBlown-out raw eggs with small holes hold individual tulips at plate side. We've propped these in silver napkin rings, but egg cups or tiny votive holders might work just as well.

Holding Pattern

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesCopyright-free holiday illustrations are the starting point for these old-fashioned egg holders. (Books and CD-ROMs of these illustrations are available at bookstores and online.) Color-copy the images or print them from your computer; cut out and glue each one to a strip of colored paper. Wrap the strip into a circle large enough to hold an egg upright and secure ends.

View Finders

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesInspired by delicate sugar eggs, these boxed displays are easy to fashion from small cardboard boxes. Cover the inside with colored paper and line the bottom with moss. Next, create miniature scenes with tiny baskets and toy chicks or with images cut from vintage Easter postcards. Give your display a three-dimensional effect by attaching cut-out images to a small branch (center) or by scattering additional elements, such as a piece of eggshell and individual paper blossoms, around the image (bottom).

Growing Bunny Grass

Simple Spring & Easter CenterpiecesAdd a drainage hole to the container if it doesn't already have one. Fill with potting soil and plant grass seed about 1/8 inch deep, and then water. Place container in sunlight, watering every two days. Grass should be ready in five to seven days. Nestle colored eggs or stones into the grass.

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