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Wonderful Beds

The Hanging Bed

Wonderful Beds
Wonderful BedsCreated by italian designer Andrea Lucatello,

the bed is not actually hanging but, it does looks like floating on the floor.
The structure is wood with the upholstery in soft leather for a look that new age and soothing. Beautiful and well crafted, its unique curve and elevated design gives you a bed that appears cantilever in design, giving your bedroom a contemporary look that`s outstanding. The bed is in fact supported by 4 legs like any other normal bed but the beauty of this design is the positioning of these legs which makes it seem like a “Floating Bed”

Private Cloud Bed

Wonderful BedsThe Private Cloud, designed by Manuel Kloker, is a patented rocking frame for a bed that moves back and forth like a rocking chair. It sells for an average of about $6,800 depending on the size ordered, without the mattress.

Molecular Bed
Wonderful BedsMolecular bed is made of 120 sofa balls with elastic fabric. The Feel Seating System was designed by Animi Causa an Isreali designer from Tal Aviv has a really unusual shape. It is inspired by a molecular structure, the basic form for all objects is the universe. If you are a playful person you can use it in many creative ways, because the structure of the feel allows to create multiple forms.

Magnetic Floating Bed

Wonderful BedsFloating off to dreamland has never been more literal, thanks to the introduction of the floating bed you see here. Dubbed “Falling Up” by its designer, Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars. This magnetic floating bed has enough magnets to keep 900 kilograms (1,984 pounds) floating in the air. To make sure that the bed doesn’t float away because of hard wind or weird movements, it’s tethered to the walls by four cables.

Fantasy Coach Bed

Wonderful Beds
Fantacy Coach is an extra ordinary children bed, handcrafted in England of wood and fiber glass. It can be a dream come true for kids.

NapShell Bed, Your Napping Shell

Napshell design of shape and style was developed on the basis of human movement. Extensive research was conducted during development of Napshell. Grounded on the results of these examinations we were able to create a shaped mattress that is comfortable for a wide range of persons, regardless of body type or height.The visual and acoustic effects within the capsule make it easy to reach a state of relaxation.

The Computer Bed

The computer bed is a normal bed which makes an intelligent use of the space below the bed. The gas pistons enable the bed to double up and fold as a computer table. Invented by European designer Lino’s son Francesco, this twin model comes with a reinforced metal frame in your choice of several different kinds of wood. Prices start at $3650.

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