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Sun and Moon Tattoo : Meaning And Designs

The moon is also important in Asian culture, because the moon (Yin) balances the sun (Yang). In the Yin Yang philosophy, the entire universe in kept in balance because for every object, element, or force, there is a counter balance. For good, there is bad. For dark, there is light. For cold, there is heat. For feminine, there is masculine. The moon, specifically, represents Yin, being feminine and passive. In Chinese Yin Yang tattoos, there must also always be balance. The sun would be designed with the moon, because they compliment each other and keep each other in balance and harmony. These tattoos would likely also feature other Yin Yang symbols, like water and flames. Even outside of Asian culture, the sun/moon tattoo design is a common motif. In most societies, the sun and moon are opposites, as day is to night and male is to female. There is something intriguingly complete about the sun combined with moon. This tattoo design seems all encompassing, uniting seemingly disparate celestial bodies and everything they stand for.

Sun and Moon Tattoo:Designs:-

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