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9 Places To Have A Quick Sex!

Less time can also make you happy.

Are hectic schedules ruining your sex life? Deadlines to be met and boss sounding you out every quite so often shouldn't play spoilsport when it concerns your sexual desires. So if you are out of time for a prolonged sexual session, have more fun with a quickie to get the adrenalin flowing again. Check the below post to indulge in a quickie.

It can be a lot of a fun when you sneak out to the elevator. Making out there could act as a huge stress buster, especially when you are staying up nights continuously. One can always stop the elevator midway to do the things and be back in 5-7 minutes sharp.
Doing it in an elevator is a good idea so long you don't hurt yourself in that rush.

It could be a great place to have fun with your partner. Terrace of a office building is a very romantic place especially when you are working late in a night shifts. With stars in the sky and light breeze could make it perfect place for you. In fact, terraces are very safe compare to other parts of any building and there is ample space to do a quick session.
Movie theatre
A great place to get dirty down and under. Especially in empty theatres where you have a lot of space and lack of prying eyes.
Theater save you from getting caught and provide place for the intimacy. Last row seats could be a ideal place for you. With romantic songs in the background, it's the perfect setting for one to get cosy.

Back of a club/restaurant
Being out on a hot date sharing your wildest fantasises with your dream boat is exciting, so if both of you are up for a quickie, head to the darkest corner of a nightclub, or even the bathroom, and get your bang on. The dark areas behind a club, the staircase or some such place actually is a mighty turn on for your libido. The thing with couples is they should do what they both would enjoy sexually. If making out at the back of a popular night club or eatery facilitates their idea of bonding, then there is no harm. You might have people giving you curious stares, but being naughty at times helps.

The staircase in your office building could serve as the ideal place for a 1hot romp with your girlfriend. Getting it on in the staircase can be a huge turn on. A bang on at the staircase preferably on a really high floor can make you go crazy for a few minutes. It can make you feel very adventurous and desirable. But beware one wrong position and you could go tumbling down. So, do not go overboard with such places because you could end up hurting yourself beyond measure," she explains.

So it's not an original idea, but a quickie in a car, at a location where you won't be arrested for public indecency, can be a very memorable experience. Cars are not only spacious, but they remain the most wanted fantasy of most couples.
Getting intimate within four wheelers can do wonders to couples who go through a crisis or are in need of closeness with each other.

The narrow dark alley behind a restaurant or your workplace does sound like something straight out of a romantic thriller. And you can give it a shot as it's a good option for those who are wildly adventurous. Dark places are always best for those who want to be physical and do not have ample space outside.

Sometimes sex within the office can make you a more fulfilled person. A 10 minute session with your girlfriend who also happens to be your colleague can make you a better worker with a sexually gratified existence.
It can refresh you and helps you to concentrate better at work. Office make outs are very common in today's age when people spend most of their time in office.

Dressing room
You get all hot and heavy while your girl is changing in the dressing room of a clothing store? Well, why not just sneak in to give a kick to the monotony of a regular shopping spree. Imagine the fun you can have inside the changing room as there are mirrors everywhere. Dressing rooms are great fun if you can actually figure an entry. But these days, with a lot of strict rules and surveillance cameras inserted everywhere, you may be asking for a lot of trouble if you indulge in these kind of getaways. 

If you have more place to do a quickie and would like to share with others, you can write in comments below the post. 

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