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Tips on Shoes to Wear at Work

Gone are the days of formal, stuffy office wear. Suits are passes — unless an official dress code demands it from you — and dearly beloved jeans are the way to go.

But wait a minute, extreme casual wear is also not acceptable in office. So while you do sport those occasional funky tees and sneakers, and we all know how comfortable it is to work in them, do not make a habit of being seen this way or you may just be considered ‘too casual’.

While many companies are steadily becoming relaxed about having a fixed dress code, there is definitely no compromise on a professional appearance. One of the most disputed area of acceptable office wear is footwear. What are the ideal shoes to wear at work? A dress code, even if your office does not have printed out, will definitely not permit you to come to work in chappals, no matter how good and relaxed they make your feet feel.

First and foremost, avoid shoes and heels that made very loud and obvious tapping or squeaking sounds. They will make you hugely unpopular with your colleagues due the obvious disturbance they cause. If for some reason you can’t avoid wearing them because of an office dress code, get a rubber sole fixed to the heel. Wear shoes that are clean, sharp-looking and ones that complement your outfit, not overpower it. Metallic finishes, shiny and shimmery embellishments and excessively high heels may be your dream shoes. But they are best avoided when going to work. Scruffy, dirty, ripped and torn shoes are an absolute NO. Simply put, avoid shoes that very obviously draw everyone’s attention to your feet.

If you wear sneakers to office, ensure that they are sober and devoid of flashy, neon coloured embellishments. Also make sure that they are washed and have neat laces. Incase you are a flip-flops person, go for a neat and sober pair which encompasses your whole foot. While a bright coloured and jazzy pair may make you the talk of the office for all the wrong reasons, ones that don't fit you properly could leave you sounding like your walking in a puddle of water. Crystals, massive studs, lace, huge and colourful bows are positively over the top and at best, absolutely avoidable.

So if you think the don’ts have left you with very few choices, think again. Choose shoes which are classic yet stylish and ones with a subtle and chic print. Heels, if you have to wear them, should ideally be around three inches or less. Make sure you are comfortable in your shoes and find it easy to walk in them or else you could spend the whole day with a nagging foot ache. Definitely, not an ideal office situation.

At all costs avoid taking off your shoes and walking bare feet in the office. No matter how well pedicured your feet may be, no two things are worse than the sight of bare feet, specially badly maintained ones, and smelly shoes.

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