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Worst Movies From Bipasha Basu

In an interview to internet site Rediff, 33 years old actress Bipasha Basu disscussed about her 11 year old career. She confessed that there are some films which might be terrible. Lets see the list of ten worst movies of Bipasha:

1. Rudraksh

In this absurd Ramayan-inspired fantasy, Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty portray good vs evil, sport hideous wigs and pursue a precious seed which contains unimaginable powers. Bipasha plays a US-based scientist but it's hard to remember that when she's dressed up like Lara Croft. Considering its daft content, it's no surprise Rudraksh was a non-starter at the box-office.

2. Madhoshi

A girl loses her sister in a terrorist attack and the trauma triggers off strong hallucinations. Though engaged to be married, she begins to fall for another man. But he's not a person. So the fiance gets a plastic surgery to resemble this delusion and ensure a happily-ever-after.

3. Ishq Hai Tumse

Nobody showed any interest (understandably) in watching a bored Bipasha and blank Dino Morea in a synthetic Hindu-Muslim romance the year Yash Chopra's Veer Zaara came out.

4. Jane Hoga Kya

Don't fret if you don't remember this Aftab Shivdasani-Bipasha Basu starrer in which the Mast hero plays a scientist keen on conducting a cloning experiment leading to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde kind of results.

5. Nehle Pe Dehla

This long-in-the-making comedy from David Dhawan's erstwhile assistant, Ajay Chandok features Sanjay Dutt and Saif Ali Khan as master swindlers while Bipasha pitches in the glamour as an affluent heiress. Only by the time Nehle Pe Dehla was out, its stars had moved on to greener pastures and showed no enthusiasm in rescuing this mindless farce.

6. Aetbaar

Here, John plays the obsessive chap while Big B gets into the shoes of a protective father. As for Bipasha, all she has to do is dress in skimpy outfits and looks scared or sexy in turns.

7. Barsaat

Suneel Darshan's thoroughly exasperating kerchief caper revolves around two women and a common love interest. But in truth both the girls deserve a spot in a museum of ancient artifacts for their astonishingly submissive attitude towards relationships.

8. Gunaah

What can you say about a film where Bipasha plays a no-nonsense cop in low cut blouses, ogles at beefy criminal Dino Morea in the shower and doesn't waste any time in starting an amorous affair?

9. Pankh

Some of the most obtuse films are the ones that pretend to be smart and independent in their creativity. One such hollow example is Pankh. Though the story had tremendous potential to impress, it is handled too frivolously to make any connect. Poor Bipasha, although she looks like a million bucks as a troubled soul's favourite illusion, the actress gets a rotten deal in this so-called indie flick.

10. Players

In an ideal world, nothing can wrong with an official remake of The Italian Job. But in Bollywood, even an action-packed thriller is reduced to a big-budget joke.

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