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Disclaimer - 1

The sites linked from KuchKhaasHai.com website are not, in any way, controlled or regulated by KuchKhaasHai.com, and KuchKhaasHai.com does not assume responsibility or liability for the materials available at such linked sites. The links have been provided for reference and for convenience only.

The information, Services or data made available on KuchKhaasHai.com website are provided "as-is, as-available" basis for informational purposes only, without warranties of any kind. KuchKhaasHai.com shall absolutely have no liability in connection with the services including without limitation, any liability for damage to your computer/hardware, data information, materials and business resulting from the information or the lack of information available on KuchKhaasHai.com website. KuchKhaasHai.com tries to provide content that is true and accurate as of the date of writing; however, we give no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, or applicability of any of the contents. Visitors to KuchKhaasHai.com should not act upon KuchKhaasHai.com’s content or information without first seeking appropriate professional advice.

KuchKhaasHai.com makes no warranty, representation or guarantee as to content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, truthfulness and positioning of the information or the sources that the information may be relied upon for any reason. KuchKhaasHai.com makes no warranty, representation or guarantee that the information will be uninterrupted or error free and that any defects can be corrected. Under no circumstances shall the KuchKhaasHai.com, its general partner, their affiliates, or any of their respective partners, or representatives be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, special or consequential damages for lost revenues, lost profits, or otherwise, arising from or in connection with this Website, the materials contained herein, or the Internet generally.

KuchKhaasHai.com shall not be liable for loss or damages whatsoever whether is contract, tort or otherwise from the use of, or reliance on the information or from the use of Internet generally. Much of the information and data on the Internet is provided basically for educational and research purposes. It can be missing, corrupt, late or just plain wrong.

Disclaimer - 2

All Pictures, Video clips & Other content products on http://www.kuchkhaashai.com/ are easily obtainable in various locations on the Online and considered to be in the community web page. Content, Pictures & Video clips published are considered to be published within our privileges according to the U.S. Trademark Reasonable Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code).

While the administrator and other staff of this Website will make an effort to eliminate or modify any usually undesirable content as easily as possible, it is difficult to evaluation every concept. Therefore you recognize that all content created to this Website communicate the opinions and opinions. If anybody seems that his/her details has been against the law put in this great site, or if you are the rightful proprietor of any content and want it eliminated please e-mail us and we will eliminate it instantly on need.

We are not conscious of any possible copyright offenses. If any such act is taken to our interest we will eliminate the certain details from the web page easily. Certain hyperlinks on the web page cause to sources on hosts managed by third events over whom we have no management. We take no liability or responsibility for any of the content included on those hosts and for any results they have on your program. In no situation the sound organizations, lawful entrepreneurs, Trademark entrepreneurs etc. take this great site or its proprietor or its creator or its web expert to lawful activities or trial or else.

Claims of Infringement

You may get in touch with us on through our Contact Us web page and we will eliminate the infringing content as soon as possible

Following Details are necessary for in situation of infringing content.

(a) your name, and e-mail address; discuss topic as Infringing Material

(b) a details of complex perform that you declare has been infringed;

(c) the actual url of a details of each position where claimed infringing content is located;

(d) a declaration by you that you have a excellent trust perception that the questioned use has not been certified by you, your broker or the law;

(e) a declaration by you created under charge of perjury, that the details in your observe is precise, that you are the copyright proprietor or certified to act on the copyright owner’s part.
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